Stuck at joining shadows

I’ve entered the lottery and gotten my win, went through the quests, and as soon as I got my signets I turned them in to make my clan dark. Now I get tooltips all the time to “click my signets” or some such, but I don’t have any left. I can’t enter the lottery again or get more signets now cuz I’m stuck!

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I have the exact same issue. Didn’t auto-resolve, what about you?

Here is a longer version of the same issue that you reported:

Was a shadow and part of a clan in the previous cycle. Once the new cycle started I did the cycle’s end quest which decommissioned me as a shadow and gave me my rewards. I started a new attempt at becoming a shadow during the new cycle. Won the lottery, did the intro quests up to the point of handing in the Signet.

At that point the game says I’m part of a Clan and asks me to hand my Signets to the Clan to help transform it into a Dark Clan. The other option is to ‘cancel’, there is no way to hand in the Signet to become a shadow.
So I gave the Signets to the Clan.

Now that quest is blocked, I don’t have a Signet to complete it and become a shadow, I cannot repeat the lottery since the game thinks I already finished that part, and not even sure if I can get a Signet from another player and complete that quests.

Am I missing something or is this a game blocking bug?
Please check my account/inventory for details if you need to … careful not to damage my character’s profile! :wink:


I have the same problem.

If more people have the same problem please join in here. The more the people, the better chance that blizzard will notice and try to fix things.


Got the same issue, I have tried to left my clan to restart the lottery but not possible to cancel the current quest, so unable to restart the quest from the beginning.

I guess this issue is being ignored as it hasn’t been addressed in the latest update. I hope Blizzard can find the time to ‘unstuck’ the few players that have this issue and I hope more players respond here if this has also happened to them

FYI - The issue just solved itself. I don’t know if it got stuck automatically, or because my clan became a Dark Clan, or because Blizzard did something.

Anyway hope this helps the rest of you …

I have this problem too.

Same problem! Gave signets to clan, but leader quited game. We couldn’t turn clan to Shdows without leader, so left it.
Now all if us can’t take quest. Even people with free sighnet can’t turn me into Shadows.
That’s a real bullshit, already week I can’t be a shadow… at least you should get back your signets when leaving clan…
Pls fix asap… I wasting time… and can’t join any strong clan. Because all already in shadows…

You may want to go to the patron and then click the magnifying glass of the „see the patron“ quest on the left. In my case, that changed back the dialogue with the patron to the start and it was possible to run the shadow quest again from the beginning.
Worked at least for me.