Suggestions (pc version mostly)

  • The first suggestion is exactly to open a “Feedbacks & suggestions” subforum since the game need a lot to get better and peoples have a lot to say (just look at reddit for example).
  • Right now on pc is like playing on a bigger smartphone and is not so good. I have a 2560x1080 monitor resolution and the game doesn’t fit it correctly (black bars on sides), also despite the graphic is set at maximum you can feel it is a little blurry.
  • Needs a better HUD(HUD customization, like classic RPGs (no idea why you exported the mobile version hud on pc, totally out of place). :
    • Abilities bar on bottom center with buffs/nerfs right upon it.
    • HUD scaling
    • The ability to hide unwanted stuff like unwanted quests, damage numbers, names etc…
    • The ability to move HUD stuff (minimap, chat etc…) on different spots.
    • Font scaling, damage numbers are extremely big and annoying. Same for player names and clans.
  • Ability to remove private chats. I have ton of private chats only because i thank peoples for the shadows blessings, what’s the point to keep them? i Shoule be able to clear all.
  • Ability to turn off invitation, This is very gamebreaking since peoples spam constantly invitation and that pops-up everytime i’m fighting, especially in pvp. Or only because i don’t want any invitation on that specific moment. This also when everybodoy accept to enter a dungeon, i don’t want it cover my whole screen while i’m doing stuff.
  • Remove the invitation pop-up and instead put it like under the minimap with the ability to choose yes or not with shortcuts (like F1 for yes and F2 for not accepting)
  • Adding more info on invitation pop up, escpecially Hell level.
  • Ability to turn off tutorial mode: everytime i follow a quest i keep having a message to travel on that position and i keep seying steps on the ground. RPGs are meant to explore and find yourself stuff, how do you enjoy if the game simply brings to any target? I thinks that simply having the yellow target area on the minimap is enough (yet a toggle on/off mode for it too can be nice)
  • Maybe having timers for special events on the bigger map
  • More quests variety for shadows contracts, they are just a few over and over. No idea how it works on Immortal side.
    I will update if something else pop-up on my mind.
    Thank you.

Some more suggestions:

  • Ability to show/hide your helmet.
  • Ability to swap your equipements’ skins (like the essence)
  • Add armory inside Court of Whisper.
  • If someone ask for the blessing, pop up “accept” or “refuse” button to make life easier, it’s chaotic with all peoples overlapped.
  • Add blacksmith after ending a Challenge Rift and any Boss Raid.
  • Add more ways to upgrade gems for free to players/low spenders.
  • Add the ability to send red bags to anyone rather then adding friends only for it. Example: when i click on a player there is a button to send red bags to him. Easy and fast.
  • Better armory system that allow to save your build instead of swappiing everything everytime.
  • Better storyline, we need more rpg elements rather than just pew pew monsters.
  • Less shiny and funcy stuff, need more “darkish” atmosphere, like previous Diablo games. Right now it doens’t seems Diablo at all. Need more immersion.
  • Resonance brackets for Battlegrounds, right now is a disaster.
  • Spawn in safe zones. Sometimes after ending some quests you end to spawn inside enemies.
  • Other ways to gain platinum.
  • Add an option to turn off any cutscene and dialogs from Dungeons. The first time is fine and enough to follow the story, afetr that it’s only waste time cut for grinding.

Thank you