The Blizzard® Arcade Collection download issue

Hey guys,
just bought the Celebration collection to get finally my hand back on that lost viking game I as I played it a lot of years back :blush: However, when I try to download it from the website it just wanna start the launcher but then a error appears “game not found”. Is there a known issue, am I doing something wrong? Additionally, I can not see the Arcade Collection Icon in the - launcher.
Thanks for your support!

Kind Regards


Have the same problem here, probably there still updating the launcher

Hi there,

It does sound like you’re just missing the latest updates to the launcher. A quick relog/restart of the launcher should sort it out, but if you’re still having issues please let us know!

Hi, i can’t get past the first screen it just freezes at the black screen…! :frowning:

Hi Tyrskorn,

It worked this morning just perfectly fine!
Thanks for the support