The end of good games

After more than 20 years spent in front of games on better or less good systems, with good or very bad internet connection, I can say that these days CoD is one of the worst games ever created. Why? For a lot of money. In no one game played in my life I hav’t seen such many options that show directly or indirectly the position of the enemy. For example: the recon option, red spot dot, the idiot’s shout when throwing a grenade, thus nullifying the usefulness of using snipers, camouflage suits or using buildings or strategic positions. In this way I was amazed how an assault rifle is more accurate and with a longer beat without any equipment than a sniper rifle with other improvement options. Another anomaly is that the pistols became more precise, more powerful and with a longer stroke than an LMGS weapon. Or when a character is hit by a bullet fired from an LMG weapon, that character has no way to keep his target. Too many anomalies have been created in this game that only lead to the beginning of the end of the pleasure games.