The hero I bought is now what I choosed in the shop

I bought Alekstraza (It was obviously she) and then I did not found her, but found Whitemane.

Support’ll likely be able to easily help you out if you submit a support ticket about this, with the following information:

  • “Didn’t receive the hero I purchased. Bought Alekstraza, got Whitemane instead”
  • BattleTag
  • Invoice
  • Method of purchase (Direct purchase/Redeem code)
  • Approximate time/date of purchase, in case they need to check their logs
  • Any additional information you deem valuable

They’ll probably not be able to verify your claims with the information provided, and it’s unwise to share personal data on the public forum, so try sending the aforementioned points in a ticket and let us know how it went :slight_smile: