This is what ur up against

list of games being advertised as hacked, this is what we are up against.

Apex Hacks
ARK Survival Evolved Hacks
Battlefield 5 Hacks
Battlefield 2042 Hacks
Back 4 Blood Hacks
Bloodhunt Hacks
Cold War Hacks
CSGO Hacks
DayZ Hacks
EFT / Escape from Tarkov Hacks
GTA Online Hacks
Fortnite Hacks
Modern Warfare Hacks
New World Hacks
Overwatch Hacks
PUBG Hacks
PUBG Mobile Hacks
R6S Hacks
Rust Hacks
Splitgate Hacks
Valorant Hacks
Vanguard Hacks
Warzone Hacks
HWID Spoofer

so if your game or games are in that list then you are in a world of wasted money why cant anything be done to stop this illegal game hacking when will these very big companies who make the games go after these hack sites or even Identify who the programmers are
where was there involvement in the game development and take them to court and shut them down the same way the film and music industry did with file share sites.
I don’t know may be its just me!