Ukraine Currency Regulation

I am glad that blizzard thinks that Ukraine is already Europe country but let’s be realistic for a moment. We don’t have such payment as Europe countries to pay such a big price for your games. I am really disappointed that my country in a war must pay such price for your games while the county who brought war in to my homeland still have to pay less… I don’t know if this message will have some kind an influence on price policy but i hope you will see it


I absolutely agree with him. Why do we have to pay more, and everything is much cheaper for them? And by the way, why are the funds for the subscription withdrawn not in hryvnia, but in euros? It is indicated that the subscription costs 299 hryvnia, but 320 hryvnia is withdrawn. And so not only with a subscription. All content is paid in euros, not in hryvnia.


I’m glad this topic came up. I completely agree.I would be very happy to pay in regional currency and not have a euro skin in my country, which is in a full-scale war


I was waiting for UAH for so long, and was really disappointed that no regional prices were attached to UA region. Also as was mentioned earlier charges are made with double conversion so the actual amount is bigger then expected.
However, today I tried to top-up my balance for minimal amount (139 UAH) and everything went smooth (I was charged 139). Few minutes after I tried 699 UAH, which charged me 745 UAH, my bank blocked this transaction because I have turned off double convertion.

At this point I am confused about what is actually happening. Would be nice to have any official statement on this.


Absolutely, it’s not fair at all and i hope Blizzard will give us this an answer for this


You really think that government in your country can take all that money and rising its international debt in tenfold while all the production and infrastructure destroyed without consequences?

Do you actually understand how stupid your post is?

My country is being attacked Blizzard, so please give us a 99% discount :slight_smile:
Blizzard! Why are the people who attack my country paying less for your games? This is not okay!!! Charge them 100 times more please!

Are you honestly actually just… stupid?
Do you understand that Blizzard makes video games…? Not guns…? They just make stupid games that people pay for wherever they are in the world. Blizzard has absolutely nothing to do with politics. If someone is paying more or less it is because of economics and has nothing to do with who attacks who.

Grow up and start living in the real world. Just because you live on the internet and probably spend 90% of your life on a stupid video game it does not mean that you need to bring in politics and expect VIDEO GAME companies to make changes that make you feel good about yourself.
This is ignoring the fact they are no longer accepting transactions from Russia.
Blizzard is there to make money, not to make you happy. If they let you pay less than why should they care about you at all…? You are nothing more than a wallet to Blizzard. Do you understand that… at all…? Blizzard has to pay a ton of money for all those currency exchanges. What do you think is left if they give you a big discount and on top of that they need to pay exchange fees to turn your currency into $? You would make a bigger impact if you stopped playing the games but you are clearly addicted so nevermind that.

Again, GROW UP.

You’ll stop talking this way when you will hide from bombs and air attacks each day just because “politics”.
Try to live a real life , not your pseudo-thinking way like you know everything and other people are not.
When you will think that political question is anywhere: games, sports, your life - then you will accept the most of the life rules.
Now think with your brain how comfortable are you sitting in your warm place and how feel ukranian people or other people who suffered from terrorism.
The topic is to trying to speak about the issue of price in ukranian currency and ask Blizzard to do something, because this game is one of resources that we use just not to make us crazy of this war.
And you are talking like the boy that know everything. You think you do. But you don’t.
P.s. You’re asking others that what you need mr/mrs Grow up!

1 dollar = 40 hryvnia for May 2022
by the end of 2022, 1 dollar = 80 hryvnia.
The economy of Ukraine will lose 55 percent of the gross domestic product or GDP of Ukraine by the end of 2022.
Development in Ukraine is in full swing!