"Unable to connect to game server" [PC]

Any suggestions what can I check to fix connection problem? Maybe some ports have to be redirected on firewall? I’m not a newbie, yet starting to get tired. I would like to support PC version of Diablo Immortal (jokes aside, more players have PC gaming style).

Unfortunatly man, there is a lot of post for this specific issue, and everyone seems to have done everything in terms of trouble shooting.

It’s most likely 100% on Blizz side, and we do not have any updates for now.

Pls Blizz, a little update on this one !

Same issue 23/06/2022!
Appears internet connection/Ip has been blocked to the game server.
Power usage got a massive spike to inetrnet connection on CPU was (low) then shot up to (very high) until I manually ended task and proceeded to…
Re-install battle.net and diablo immortal.
However problem is account based and nothing to do with internet connection as error message states.
Reached Hell 2 (F2P) on (PC) game was playing fine with exception to excessive bugs like in most beta’s. Shame really.