Unable to finish Gathering Shadows Quest

Hey all,
I hope someone from Blizzard can help. I started the Shadows quest line to join for the second time. However, this time when I tried to use a signet they were both offered to the dark clan. Now I have no signets and can’t abandon the quest. I can’t join the lottery either. I am stuck.
How do I resolve this?

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i have same problem but have 2 akiba tickets , but klan leader needs to press to be dark klan so cannot finish the q, was ok before 1 week ago with shadows

worked only if left guild and joined other dark clan so worked , but old status was reseted xd bad thing , dont know why if was some bug there or so

if i remember correctly, you can reset the quest by leaving your clan and then you get a weird “shadowy” dialog box from the stranger, clicking ok ? resets the quest and you can then enter the lottery again, but you will lose all shadow ranks and shadow progress you had previously and you will have to start the shadow parts from the beginning, everything else is left unchanged.

i’ve tryed your suggestion, but nothing happens.
all three tests once again, but i got no akiba tickets.
But the game is beta and still full of bugs.

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