Unable to get a refund after wrongfully banned

Hi there! i know its easy to say ive been wrongfully banned however when i first loaded up MW3 the game crashed and the second time i got a message i was banned for using unauthorized software. Very confusing to me since i never used any cheating software. Now the problem is i cant refund the game because i got a penalty too recently and support cant help me with this either so not knowing what to do anymore ill try my luck here anyone know a way i might still be able to get the game refunded? Thanks!

You can preview the terms you’ve agreed to here, but generally on a permanent ban you lose access to a product you’ve bought and received.

Did you ask for a refund or did you appeal the ban? Try the latter and if you get unbanned you may then opt to refund since you were in the clear.

Otherwise you may need to contact legal consumer organisations about your case.