Unable to get out of Main Story Line Quest - Starsign

Unable to get out of Main Story Line Quest - Starsign… Litteraly stuck in space :slight_smile: Can’t teleport, abandon quest, use items to teleport, Get “unstuck” outside the quest… probably due to having a higher Hell Lvl than recommended on this character… but I can’t see it, nor change it inside Quest. Help wanted! :slight_smile: I can’t even leave the game while in the Quest… I can Exit game… but on loading… I get ported right in again. Still stuck… in space…

Adding… able to log into another character now… I’m not trying the Necro on my account. I still need a GM hand with getting that character moved to Town.

i had the same problem. what you need to do is to use the unstuck button in the general option. you can use it once in 20 minates, and probably you will need to do it at least twice since the story there push you back to the same point more then once. keep in your mind that after 10 or 15 minates the game will automatic push you back to the main city before you took this mission, so what i did to avoid it is to exit the game and return back in 20 minates. hope that it will work for you either

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