Unable to launch battle.net!

Problem starts yesterday, when i try to run battle.net application, it’s launch techincal issue window with error-code “8E22647B-A3CA-4E48-B4CF-3E078F14C5DB”
Reinstalling, deleting ALL files (appdata e.t.c.) nothing helps…

And error codes…

Hi. Same here, I’ve tried reinstall, delete appdata etc. once it worked, then when I connected again to bnet it failed again. Now nothing wokrs. I’m looking forward the solution as well? Somewhere I read that it can be some driver issue? What kind of video card you have?

You should try the steps over here - https://support.blizzard.com/article/000027703

Also make sure if you are using a machine with 2 Graphics Cards that the game is running on the correct card. On laptops, ensure the laptop is running the game with the discrete/dedicated card and not the onboard/integrated card.

у меня код ошибки:
проблемы начались после обновления, тогда помогло сброс кэш в ДНС

Hi. Done all the steps. GPU driver updated, but I can’t find it within the list of supported ones. It’s a Radeon R7 M260, but I’ve played for so many years on battlenet with D3 that in my opinion it shouldn’t be the problem. Any other ideas? Anyway as I uninstalled all the games, there’s nothing to set as default regarding video cards.