Unable to play Black ops or Modern Warfare

Can someone from Blizzard please help. for nearly a week and a half i have been unable to play black ops or modern warfare. as soon as i hit play in battle net splash screen appears to lock and returns to play button, 3 or 4 times when i have tried game started fine. i have tried to reset router, turned off virus software, made sure all drivers are up to date, ran scan and repair on games and re-installed battle net. i do not seem to have any problems on any other games i have so can only assume it is something with battle net. i have also ran as administrator but have now run out of ideas

God itself prevents you from playing this hacker infested game. Btw hacks cost less than any of the Cold War / Modern Warfare. Get a hack and you get all the stuff unlocked. Play warzone - get banned - create new account and do the cycle once again. Activision has the funds to make a new skin/operator every week but nooooooo, anti-cheat? nah man no way, we will tweet about it though, cause we fake.

same here just says now playing and the goes back to play. its annoying i have tried everything i can think of. started happening 3 days ago funnily when they did maintenance. anyway to contact blizzard so i can have a game now and then.