Unethical Pricing strategy, possible breach of uk consumer rights

If you go to the hearthstone shop and look to buy runestones you will see that 500 are £3.99, 1000 are £8.99, 1500 are 12.99, 2000 are 16.99, 5000 are 44.99 and 8000 are 69.99. I struggle to understand the usual economy of scale. Usually buying bulk you get more for your money, in this case in every instance you are better off buying 500 at a go, as the more you buy in bulk the more you lose. By the time you reach 8000 you could have bought 16 lots of 500 for £63.84, a saving of over £6 (or around 9%). Now im sure blizzard may say, well the prices are all listed there, if people cant count then thats down to them. HOWEVER, if for example you go to buy a season pass for the battlegrounds, it doesnt offer or show you any of these prices, its simply 1500 runestones or 12.99. Now as above if you buy 3 lots of 500 you could get them cheaper by over a pound. In this instance not showing people the available pricing is far from ethical. Looking at how over the years mobile gaming companies have exploited people i am saddened to see this from blizzard. I did a ticket to this effect asking to explain and weirdly the GM’s who replied apparently cannot forward this to anyone to look at and direct you to the forums. So heres a blue’s chance to explain why the company is involved in this practice and why. I would urge them to have a look at this consumer protection for online gaming from parliament and legislation of it . Whilst im sure expensive legal teams may try and argue i just think its pretty pathetic. Assuming lots of younger players auto buy things, Blizzard are cashing in on people’s ignorance, or their outright hidden costing model (dependant on if you go to the shop of from another tab).