Unfair Treatment In Game

People being kicked from Raids for not having Discord. World of Warcraft is over a decade older than Discord. Its a silly thing to kick someone from a raid for not having it.

Being kicked from a raid because you have no experience because its the first time you did it.

Being Kicked from raids because you don’t have the best gear, even when you need the raid to get the best gear.

People being Kicked from Raids for low damage points, because of the recount addon. When players are trying to get the experience and gear they need from a raid to improve dps…

Truly there are many harsh players and even bullies… They all gang up saying it was my fault I got kicked. I had never don’t the raid before, and I am there to get the experience and gear…

I have stated why I got kicked, and the main reason was… Not having Discord, and not having the best gear for a raid… When you need to do the raid in order to get the best gear to begin with. And I dont like to use Discord, and so i have been unfairly treated by everyone in the raid telling me to get discord…


@Titus there is sow crazy stuff going on sometimes but i feel u bro the games change before when i started it was great now well these days the kids all following there tech kits guidelines to what may or may not play the game and this is bullshit because where the days where even when losing its fun to overcome the Challenge and now these days it all has to go fast fast devour Thad content like it has no soul anymore i hope one day its become like the older days where people can relax and have fun whiteout feeling rush true Thad content like it has no soul

I totally agree. I saw some players just enjoying killing you multiple times in the warzone area, even if you are the same faction, even if you wrote them on chat zone to play friendly not with such hate. Is not cool and don’t tell me Blizzard about playing with friends and having fun. Every day there always be players with rude language and 0 respect for game design. No chance for them to avoid those rubbish moments. And that’s sad.