Unfairly account banned

Ticket Number: EU71653330

Dear Blizzard,

I came back to the game upon my friends’ request, and have nothing else to do but playing wow. I have been online in the last 32 hours and I’m still awake trying to catch up, but sadly I got banned "assuming that I’m using BOT(HACK).

that’s a mistake I have been chatting and replying all the time, and playing my account by my self.

Please check again I’m so excited to do classic raids, Moreover, there is nothing else to do but staying home because of what’s going with the world “COVID-19”

I am a witness of that since i was with him, when he start playing from lvl 1 till lvl 51 and i was with him the last night playing all day together, and if you checked his last actions you will find one of my characters helping him with quests,


For bans/suspensions appeals you need to submit a ticket using this form. We cannot investigate this kind of issue on the forums. Closing