Warcraftlogs activation

blah blah blah now get activated for my warcarftlogs


Doin the same hehehe

Getting it upgraded as well for wowlogs

same same sorry for spam

You’re in the wrong forum; you need to go to the World of Warcraft Classic forum:

Then, click on your avatar in the the top right corner of the page, just under your name. Select the item Change Character at the bottom of the list and select the one you want to have Warcraft Logs pick up.

activated for my warcarftlogs

activated for my warcarftlogs

Just activating logs as well

What then? Should I comment or post anything?

@Fuzzy: Hello,

As far as I know… you don’t need to post or anything. Connecting to the WoW Classic Forum and selecting your character should be enough.

But this recent post seems to show differently:

for my warlogs yknow