Warzone bullshite

why are the noob gen so depended on scripting using the lammers zen shite ???
1: they cant aim for shit
2: just bad at online gaming
3: got small hands
4: all three

they don’t want the cheating to end because everyone is making money from the scam
do you really think its that hard to setup a anti cheat system that gives out hardware bans
linked to the motherboard so they get caught cheating it means a new motherboard not just a new account but this is were activation & blizzard keep making the money they don’t want to hardware ban PC cheats because out of a 50k ban you bet you ass at least 5k will get a new game and the wheel keeps turning, zen is classed as a cheat aid and should be hardware ban there is no excuse for this level of cheating in so many different games
look how many cheat sites there are idiots paying $130 a month to cheat or £12 a day
that’s just the one site and then there is the amount of members each site has were do you think most of these hack builders come from under paid programming jobs for gaming companies my penne’s worth

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