Warzone Cheaters - Bought Games need Premium Matchmaking

Today i had another GREAT experience against cheaters playing this FREE TO PLAY part of my €50 bought game.
Today’s CHEATER ACTIVISION / BNET PROFILE " babosi#8494320 "
Winning one game after another. Found and reported in “Recent Player’s”, Sent a Friend invite so i could see his Full ID in Pending Requests (on Callofduty Site) to share so he could be banned faster.
We (players that bought the game) need to get a Premium Matchmaking service in Warzone so they wont be mixed with F2P Cheaters.

Who had this idea: “Lets mix F2P with Paying Customers so they will enjoy CHEATERS THAT HAVE NO TROUBLE WITH GETTING BANNED SINCE THEY CAN CREATE A NEW F2P ACC INSTANTLY”?

Up this so people get the idea aswell.

*edit Btw, He was using Wallhack / Aimbot as far as i could tell.

yup, i battle with them on a daily! its insane how many there really are, im a pc player and alway been a legit player. and ever since mw2 the og game came out its been filled with these WAn… its so freaking annoying how its not taken more seriously cause its really bad, just look at the new game already there are cheaters in it and its not even fully out yet! aint no way im spending more money on these game before they for real take out those hackers. atleast punish the once the entire community is screaming out about that is clearly cheating badly.