Why are some games created in Diablo 2 B.net so laggy?

And by laggy i mean that 1 out of 10 or sometimes 5 games created (depending on the day) become impossible to play where only 1 out of 3 teleports are registered when traveling around the map, and if you travel fast with Charge or Vigor the server doesn’t have time to register the actions and teleports where you were a few seconds ago, those games are so unplayable that they’re just forcing me to leave and create a new one.

Things that i have tested and can confirm:

-When such laggy game happens they remain like that for the entirety of their existence, even if you leave create a new game that isn’t laggy and come back that game will remain laggy and really hard to play.

-Those games happen more often on weekends and during afternoon.

-The frequency of those games happening are less likely if the one who creates it belongs to your country but still happen with the same lag intensity.

-If you’re the one creating the game that becomes laggy the lag is slightly less intense.

This always used to happen in the past too along with games being taken down by hackers or just suddenly disappearing (specially those where Diablo clone manifested or just the SoJ being sold to merchants message was displayed) but never did with such frequency probably 1 of every 30 games created suffered from lag as far as i recall when i started noticing that it wasn’t my connection (because in 2010 i’ve tried everything like opening modem ports for D2).

I’ve accepted that even though the security system has improved over the years and messy things that used to happen 15 years ago doesn’t happen anymore hackers will always find a way, but the actual state of Bnet is still making it hard for me to enjoy the game.

Do we atleast know the reason? Is it because now that all games are saved without having to wait 5 minutes inside of it the servers are saturated due to the massive amount of bots? Are hackers trying to do whatever they can to slow the magic find farming so people is kinda forced to visit shops like Items7? Or does this simply happen due to lack of proper maintenance?

I’m not expecting an honest reply about what’s actually happening, but if somehow someone can provide me with a solution to this problem (like finding a way to know when such games are gonna happen to avoid them) i would appreciate it. Or if i’m just being too speculative and the actual problem is people’s own connection (although i’ve asked in such games if others were experiencing the lag and the response was affirmative) i would appreciate any technical assistance.


Wondering this myself

After further investigation i came to notice that this happens specially and in a severe way in games made by bots, i assume they saturate the server due to the high amount of actions done per second, i’ve tried to emulate a bot behavior using Autoclicker and when i do the ping skyrockets from 47 to 300, and this is just me doing it i wonder what happens when 6 other bots do the same on the same game.

So what fix can we expect about this? Wait for another ban wave when you guys need the money from keyshops by selling them more CD Keys so we can have 3 hours of no bots at the start of a new ladder season until they reach level 80 and can start botting again? I understand that this may be the main reason Bnet servers haven’t closed yet after 20 years but it’s also kinda sad to see the actual state of the game.

I would rather pay monthly to have a decent online experience like i do in wow than have 80% of the playerbase made by bots, shop selling spam, jsp traders and infinite laggy games. But yeah i know it’s impossible.