Why do players leave the donation dump?

Hello dear gamers!
I want to ask the question, where is the Net Ease company looking against the background of the fact that the support service completely ignores requests to ban dishonest players. It is worth noting that, basically, all support monitors the actions of only those players who do not invest enough money in the game, but in every possible way supports “dishonest players” who, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the gameplay, are gaining places at the top of the gaming industry. Let’s take the “Blood Rose” server for example. Players do not even hide the fact that they are engaged in fixed matches and shadow battles between several clans .Clan Midas is the leader of Temari. The player himself is not used in any way, as a person with a pronounced lack of a sense of self-preservation, since all his accounts sold to players, which he acquired by creating twins and setting him up as a leader in the rite of exiles, are banned literally a week after the sale ( a rare case of saving for a month) So … this character has a room on the discord site, where clans sit - Midas, MidasTouch, Bushido, Rekless, Restless,GangStarz, Manetheren … many do not need to be listed, the entire server is full of this kind of scammers. You can see this fact simply by going to the discord or entering diablo / Midas in any search engine. The most interesting thing is that Temari is connected with the support service, because he does not hide the facts of the use of bugs and foul language. spoon with the little rat king, and that’s only 456 players in one discord. Not bad for scum. Any player who tries to bring these “players” to clean water will be banned without any reason by the support service as part of a certain ru. moderator named Uncle Serezha, in the open world sending a command like - happy birthday to Uncle Serezha. How could you allow this on the server? what kind of support for a simple player is out of the question, since the server moderators sit on the “buy-in” from these individuals. I want to pay special attention to the Battle of Shadows. These players, using impunity, run from clan to clan to win the battle of shadows and fight for a place in the rite of exiles. And so cyclically, Midas, Paranoia, Glory to Ukraine, Paragon Zero … against the background of other clans, from which these characters lure players with small game handouts, it looks a little bizarre. Only those players who really enjoy the gameplay without resorting to help remain rat methods. There are only and correct solutions to this:

  1. Dismissal of moderators with a fine for helping dishonest players, equivalent to the resonance of each dishonest player (1k resonance-100$), or issuing all the rats that he freely supplied with his position, in order to block and impose a fine on players by banning them.2) The appointment of moderators from among sane players who are neutral to political aspects.
  2. Create in the complaint window the ability to send a screenshot and video recording in order to block dishonest players without the possibility of account recovery. In some cases, as Net Easy practice shows, a complete reset of a character without the possibility of its recovery.
    Problems also arise on the battlefield (pvp match). There, players freely use the errors in the game code. How do they do it? Remove all their items (clothes, gems), save their choice in the armory. the most interesting thing is that these rats change into the saved “naked” set, register on the battlefield, and on the countdown, when the other players are confirmed, they quickly change into their set and enter the “top player”. Example: you have 2k cut with a balance of pvp 10/10, you change clothes and the balance changes to 10/12… it’s nice to be a rat in pvp, right? There is a simple solution:
  3. Ban players without the ability to restore their account.2) Fix a bug that upsets the balance in pvp. And most importantly, the fight against defectors by clans. We thought for a long time how to punish the “running rats” so that they do not violate the principles of the gameplay and come to a unanimous, relevant and correct decision:
    When moving from the top 10 clan of any player to any other clan of more than 10 players, a complete ban on participation in the battle of shadows for both clans until the next rite of exiles. And also resetting the characters of more than 20 players who decided to “run across”. And the most important current solution is to reduce the rating points of clans (top 3) after the rite of exiles by 50 percent, so that other players do not have the desire to defect to the clan of dishonest players.
    All suggestions were collected from about 12,000 players through a survey. The topic of rats and bugs will be relevant for a long time until you lose all the players, leaving the same rats to rule the ball. I want to pay special attention to players who constantly complain about players who are trying to reason with dishonest players. We are ready to offer several players as part of our team. We hope that you will really take the right approach to the game. Yours sincerely, the pro team.
    For all willing players who do not want to endure the lawlessness of scammers, we suggest that you enter links to the player in the comments and ban if possible. We will clean the sanctuary and all servers from dishonest players.
    Attention! If you are an honest player, and you are not satisfied that dishonest players prevent you from developing, take away towers, join our team. We ban scum through English. support service. You can take our link and distribute it in pvpyu, groups of dungeons. Remember, if you don’t do this, then our server will be doomed to disappear. Ban the unclean in groups.

So im scamming?
Just because i choice to be in a top clan and we have friendships without top clans?
I don’t think you have any idea about how hard it is to be a top clan to get friendships to get 100 active high ranking members its not easy


Almost all blood rose server rats are collected in one bottle.
httpsXXX://discoXXXrd.com/inviXXXte/midasdiablo (delete XXX)

httXXXps://ibbXXX.co/G3LSZtV (delete XXX)
Meet. This is the same bedding from support for Midas on the Blood Rose server. This character, we can’t even call it dishonest, can ban your account simply because you do not agree with the dirty policy of the game. We will deal with this evil spirits ourselves, but you can also connect, just send a complaint to the support service of the English version. If you accidentally or mistakenly blocked access to your account, you know who to blame for this.

This is how dishonest players interfere with daily tasks daily. Well, their song is sung. If you saw these players in Zoltun Kull’s library, ban.
httXXXps://imgXXXbb.com/pdp8XhD (delete XXX and report)