Why it is impossible to play with paypal using a paypal currency?

Hello Guys! I wat to buy a game, and i want to pay with paypal, but paypal always asks me to link my primary bank account to my paypal account. But i want not to link my bank account to the paypal. On my paypal has far enough money to pay for the desired game. But paypal always asks me to link my bank account, when i want to buy from battlenet. Other game sites wants not this linked bank account. For them it is enough if i pay with my paypal currency. So why battlenet asks me to link my bank account ? I will definetly not to do this. So in this case, i will not buy anything from battlenet. Please let paypal to pay with the existed paypal currency. Thanks!

It’s a requirement for a bank account or credit card to be linked to make purchases with Blizzard.

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