Why so many problems?

I recently wrote to blizzard support reg d2 problems that I have had since I started playing about a week ago. I wasnt satisfied with the response I got from blizzard so I will be typing the problems here instead, hoping that someone who wants to help me can give me a response:

Multiple problems in battlenet

When I type anything in any channel (in the lobby, before I enter a game), no one can hear what I say.

People are not joining my servers I make, I had someone to see in the game list if my game existed - and it was difficult to find it, however he managed to find it at the end, but it quickly disappeared.
This problem with people not joining my games is my BIGGEST problem, and is not resolved.

Getting timed out for no reason. My brother plays too, and when he gets timed out I do too - and vice versa. We only need to leave few times - maybe 2-3 games within 10 minutes to get timed out. Yesterday we had both a very big temp-ban on 3-4 hours so we couldn’t play all evening…

I have no idea why these issues occur. I had no problems for some days ago. People could join, people could answer in channels, etc. But the timeout-problem has always been here since I started playing again 1 week ago.

You have kind of hit the nail on the head there

This is exactly what is happening, Diablo II uses an older Battle.net penalty system which can result in IP restrictions, and because you and your brother likely connect on the same IP it’s impacting you both. You may want to talk with him about what is happening to come up with a solution.

You can read more about these restrictions here, and should you have any other questions please let us know.