Windloft perfection

I think there is something wrong with set that provides windloft perfection while using it on Battleground. If you have 6 pieces of set while windloft perfection is active it give you immunity for next 5 hits. Windloft perfection activates while you are in combat, but for some reason, I don’t know why, it also activates whenever you came back the starting platform and activates perk (immunity to next 5 hits) as well but before you managed to reach any oponent, windloft perfection turns off, and use 40sec. Cooldown of perk for 6 piece of set. So when you finally enter combat you can not benefit from it. IT’S ON COOLDOWN. This is ridiculous, and so annoying. Windloft perfection should trigger WHEN YOU ENTER COMBAT, as it says, AND ONLY AT THIS MOMENT!!! If it turns on while being on starting platform it waste perk for 6 pieces of set and it actually makes that windloft perfection for pvp Is almost useless. Blizzard please, fix it! I’m pretty sure it’s not as it should works