WOW Classic - Alliance Premade AV teams exploiting the game for fast win

All players on the Horde side will know about “pre-made” alliance teams, especially the ones that ignore all the graveyards, and towers, and head straight for Drek.

They use an exploit in the game to pull him without his guards and kill him just outside his room. And AV ends after 6 minutes.

OK Blizzard, is this working as intended? Did you envisage Horde players having to wait 30 minutes for a 5 minute game of AV where we lose because of an exploit.

I appreciate that Peeling the Onion changed. But nuking the Onion with a hack wasn’t the idea.

Please can you fix it so the alliance cannot do this any more, we just want a level playing field, we are not asking for anything else, just make it fair, that they will at least be attacked by Drek’s add’s if they pull him.


What about horde wall jump to dun baldar?


i suggest you to quit the game, im getting raped by horde all the time and its annoying as fuck so fuck your side and fuck everybody else, enjoy getting destroyed by nerd players who are addicted to computer and playing this game and having no life fat fucking cunts.

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good point sir!
and the fact that they start in the middle of the BG.

I have won 4 games from 100 as alliance in AV - this is unplayable!!!

Blizzard you are incompetent, explain to me how every AV I’m in a team of 10 - 20, while the 40 Horde players roflstomp us in the graveyards. Your algorythms are utter BS. SORT THIS CRAP OUT NOW!