Can you please not ruin economy again? Like seriously can you stop doing this? I stopped playing Retail wow for this exact reason and wanted to play classic for CLASSIC !!! … WOTLK classic WITHOUT TOKEN! I’m so angry right now … pathetic!

At this point what is the value of our account and time spent in-game ha? Bot’s were not enough?!!! And I wanted to play Cataclysm as well!

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Hi Tersi.
I feel exactly the same way!! dammit im so mad at blizzard for doing this! I think ill leave the game…
There is a reason we play classic.

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Yea it does completely betrayal values what classic was made on. We do not need and do not want this trash in our paid subscription GAME! Like sure so now they are breaking everything they said about classic so let’s go and give back RDF into the game right? What is even a point to pretend that this company have any values other then $$$ … I’m so done with blizzard at this point and classic was last game what I wanted to play because it was not same garbage like retail is. I don’t care anymore. If they take my game and my invested time into it they can already ban my account. I do not see now any value in it anyway and I can play WOTLK or CATA on private server anyway because all I do in game in my TIME is devalued because some dude with 2 hours a day play time can come in and buy everything what we play for and with GDKP where you trade gold for equip or boosting you are now telling people that it is fine to pay for progress in this game!!! I’m so angry right now so I don’t have even joy from game anymore! Overwatch was not enough so we need to ruin other games as well right? In Overwatch they gave free skins like we should be happy for it and in Classic we have XP 50% boost so everyone is happy and let’s quietly sneak in wow token right?!! Do you know what message it sends? It speaks to players that you don’t care about us Blizzard! You don’t value our time and investment. For you it’s just free money printing from thin air!

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Its all about how much can they milk players, nothing else nothing more!

Now here’s a crazy idea that wont cash you in for paradise but will solve the gold problem…make gold soulbound, make it so that you can only use gold at AH and also involve a third party (blizzard trader) into the AH, players can only sell profession stuff to the Blizzard Trader at the AH and buy things from him as well…so everytime someone sells something to the AH the Trader resells it to the player, you remove the price manipulation this way too, if there are 1000 flask up for sale the price is X amount if theres only 100 up for sale the price goes up by Y amount, simple and you dont need to make us spend a single dime on your game more than you already milk us for.


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Simpler would be flag accounts with a specific amount of gold and after that search in their history with whom they did trade and what … but that would require people/money and like we know from Blizzard report system what is automated and (they don’t give a F) save money again once more at players count … we would not see anything what need to invest money to solve any problems if they just simply can milk their base of players and print free money without any cost right? That is the point of WoW token.

There is a Wrath Classic forum with a pinned post asking for feedback, you can find it here


GDKP need to be banned ASAP all knowe that many of the leaders of this Raid RMT the gold after to gold seller and it have killed 3 full poped sever so fare on reset 10 raids of 25man were 9 of them are GDKP and price from 40-100k per item