WOW classic -UBRS Buggy Boss and Support not working too

I wanted to contact the Blizz-Support, but however, after i described the problem, the site wanted me to categorise the problem just to start the whole support site ANEW - WHAT IS THAT FFS?

anyways THE PROBLEM:
in UBRS the boss where you normally jump down the balcony and land where the boss sends a few waves of dragon-peeps and whelps/hatchlings DOES NOT restart correctly, if the whole group dies.
(e.g. if you pulled the other groups outside that area and which can go through the closed jail-bars behind you - seems like another bug). However, if you want to restart that fight after returning to the dungeon, no body is there, although the boss yells the mortals where fought. And the jail-bars will stay closed too. That is not what I expect from a game where thousand pay money for (not to mention the hardcore lags when world buffs are awaited). so please, de-bug at least that boss??

Hello Kaeruhime,

Usually this issue can be resolved via a soft reset of the instance, by exiting it completely for at least 30 minutes and hen re-attempting to enter it.

I would also suggest that you post about Classic WoW, in the dedicated forums here.