Wow classic wrath - Prepatch / arena season end

Hello ! i want to adress that we are closing up to the wrath launch very soon. just about 6 weeks from now. you promised a longer prepatch then back in the days so i guess we can assume it comes in 2 weeks or so. but where is the information flow to the player base ? i’m one of those that love to level on a extreme level. but also play max level content through like raids / pvp/arena. Now prepatch will make us able to level DK, thats very importent for me to get rdy before launch. why cant there be any information at all about when prepatch comes and when pvp season ends ? i as many others would probably love to take a few days vacation to get our DK super ready for the wotlk launch, i mean get it to 70, get it geared and level proffessions etc. now im still in question if the pvp season is even in prepatch or not. will i have time to level my dk ? i cant go to my boss and ask for vacation 3 days in advance. so i realllly would like more information flow about when stuff happens. and i can’t see any gains from you keeping back this type of information.

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