WoW, HOTS and Overwatch, left for dead?

Hi there.

I’m here to talk about my experience abouse those three games mentioned in the title. But HOTS, OW and WoW always got fancy teasers with incredible animation quality. When you arrive in the game, it’s somewhat different. I feel that the games are just abandoned.

When I was playing WoW for a comeback in BFA, after a huge publicity campaign set for that extension, I could scarcely play with my friends IRL because of ilvl problems, in MM+ above all. And during the whole extension blizzard didn’t took the problem in hand. An absolute “Lolz Idc man as long as u pay”. I have asked some of my contacts still playing WoW upon SL, it didn’t change. I don’t even dare to talk about PvP unranked in WoW.
Plus, as a french player, I had had to start playing with Russian-english-spanish-german players due to the division of players by Ilvl and reducing number of wow subscribers, which I did not have to do when I used to play wow in TLK. No I am not rac%st, it just causes obvious communication difficulties.

About OW, I’m not gonna be as sharp. Game is still held but well… Strict minimum.

HOTS got totally left in a corner whereas it had a lot of potential. This game was way chiller than LoL DOTA2 or Smite and brought a very friendly dimension in the game.

I do pass details about W3 reforged.

All this to say, I do think more and more that actual Blizzard is a money bait. They are making huge launching campaigns for their games to make huge sells and then they totally reduce the care they are meant to hand to their games to ensure clients’ safisfaction? I see you coming “Mika you’re one client, all the rest of the community is very satisfied!” ~ Well it’s not what says the number of players in blizzard games. Do you have the same feeling as I do ?