Wow51900328 A character with that name already exists?!

I was playing just fine and then got disconnected, and now I can’t log in past 17 hours I’ve been trying to contact blizzard and nothing happened.

Live chat is always unavailable. Never ever seen it working. Supposedly always busy. Blizzard is just busy spending our money, they’re just laughing at us when we’re asking for help instead of rushing to help and fix everything…
Especially when it’s just a bug that’s not letting me play, how come you can take over 24 hours to fix it and still make me pay for it ?

No apologies, no compensation, nothing. Who cares that I didn’t even sleep and just refreshed the ticket page to see if I got a response or not for 17 hours straight ?

I got tired of waiting and purchased a name change even though I didn’t want it, I was just tired of waiting for a freaking GM. I thought maybe it would work, because it’s saying the name is already taken even though it wasn’t.
Now I wasted my money, wasted my time, got so upset over this stupid bug and still waiting…

They contacted me and all they said was if I want a refund for the name change because it wasn’t complete?
Nobody was worried about my actual problem which was just to LOG IN TO MY CHARACTER. No matter how much I tried to explain them the same thing for 17 hours…

Using cute, nice, fancy words and sugar coding stuff.
How about go ahead and somehow fix it !!!
I thought that why I’m paying you for no ?

I tried every single solution on forums,google,youtube everywhere.

Even though I mentioned many times that I tried everything including deleting the interface (by changing names to OLD… etc), GM still asking me if I try that already?!
Is this a joke ?

Where is the old blizzard?
Customer happy everyone happy ? no ?

Maybe I should just try a new game ?
Apparently blizzard spent all the billions of $ they made on other shit instead of hiring enough employees to fix stuff.
Everyday it’s getting worse, not better.
Just close the game forever or fix it ASAP.

I don’t know and I don’t care what you have to do with your own life, we’re here to play, we’re paying for this so I should be able to play 7 days 24 hours if I wanted. (Or else you have to compensate)

If I was to sue you, I will win for sure. Customer is always right and you’re totally wrong now.

You signed up for this job so do it right or quit!