Your game is full of bots

I play on the “Blood Rose” server, the average paragon level at the moment is 54. How tired I am everywhere and constantly see bots using autoclickers of varying difficulty, this happens day and night, 24 on 7. They interfere with daily tasks and make me feel like I’m wasting my time in this game. I pumped 55 paragon myself with blood and sweat, with my hands without using third-party software, and everywhere I see 70 paragon players who do nothing, they just gather in a party, the so-called “afk farm” and nothing stops them. I complain about them every day (from report in the game), but I see no progress, no response from Blizzard, no reduction in the number of bots on the server. When will Blizzard address this issue? Your game is full of bots.


they are not bots but afk’ers using auto clickers, its on every server and its not something blizzard can detect as its not hacking or injecting anything into the game, kicking players who just stand around wont fix it as they will program in some movement.

maybe they should try and detect doing same pattern in an order and time, machine learning use for example

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