ZEPHRYS THE GREAT keeps failing

For the 4th time in a row i have the same situation. A lot of nice minions ready to kil that evil mage with a secret (always the same secret that keeps him from dying).
Than i play Zephrys to get rid of that secret (i have 9 mana so you have at least 4-5 possible cards to do that) but each time i get something stupid like windfury or +2 /+3 attack. A child of 4 would know that you want to get rid of that secret. So what’s going wrong with this card.

starting to give up on what was once a good game but today too many bugs

  • after the time is up as a mage you can just continue to fire missiles endleslly
  • when you use gigafin on healer full of board it’s destroyed because of obsidian statue (it’s eaten not destroyed)
  • and so on



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