Apparently Blizzard does care

So, its been 2+ months and after the long silence they suddenly appear to do care about the community at least one bit fixing many long requested bugs like the aura bug.

My question: If Blizzard actually does make things happen, why silence it out? That’s bad PR.

I mean, the majority of the hate including myself could be prevented by simply posting: problem acknowledged as an official rep account.

these forums are like trustpilot though - 90% of people here were motivated by a desire to complain. it makes it look like most people are unhappy, when they’re not.

i absolutely love the game. the only thing doing my head in is the game browser only showing a handful of total games and randomly refreshing. in a few months some new content would be nice too - but i would happily pay a extra if it’s like an ‘act 6’

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I was unhappy enough to get this rolling though:

It got fixed just now.

While not naming any bug in particula they told us they addressing them:

Its not Blizzard fault people doesn’t read there post.

An indie studio doesn’t have a com team bro