Bots are everywhere GG Blizz

Duped items or millions of new Hrs ? Prices are f***d after 1-2 day rly ?

Please Blizzard BAN_WAVE now for all bots/hacks …


Smelly, are you ok? There are several aspects of the world around me, that I don’t understand. I try to accept and go on.

do you think they care about anything? when they banned only one type of bot the others are still working 24/7 making pindeslink and shenk en masse, if they really cared about banning they would ban the ip and really fix problems, they just ban the account so people buy more copies, the bots play and save their stuff on another account but they play with the same ip, blizzard if they wanted to could do something but they don’t want to.

It’s the community and their general behaviour. Where there is demand, there is delivery. Almost certainly.

This game will ultimately need a captcha system to create games. Or just remove SC entirely in ladder and add random elements to HC where you have to adapt and react quickly or die.

Yeah, we know this won’t happen because they don’t give a rats ass about the legit community in this game.

A SSF ladder would help tremendously because all legit players would likely move there, so the greasy neckbeard jsp botters can play with themselves in their open ladder.

They dont use the same IP
They use a VPN so they can be anywhere in the world if they want to be

Blizz can ban bots, needs to be done weekly :smiley:

I know i might be necroing the thread but tbh i have never encountered a bot so far in D2 OP is either unlucky to come across them or just angry and making stuff up for attention im not sure which.

There are no dupes, bots yes. But there is a reason not a single game exists which can get rid of bots. Because a good enough bot can’t be distinguished from a real player.

Play singleplayer > problem solved

i have a solution which no one will accept;
1 - dropping items must be disabled, when you move an object out of inventory it will be destroyed.
2 - trade transactions must have daily limit, like 3 times a day

these two steps will solve many problems and people can focus playing more than trading…

Single player - problem solved – NOPE

D2 is a game but the core of D2 is TRADE

So when smn tell me to go play single player ( probably bot defender ) i would say hard NO

And Blizz ban those acc’s , and turn off the old vers of graphics mod - cuz those fu…s can run x - xx bots on aa sigle pc -,-

why’s that? Based on what?

Someone, please notify me when the game environment is changed. Now I just leave and delete Diablo 2