Bug report: Problem with rune words

Rune words does not seem to be working in the following items:

  1. Socked items where the sockets have been created using the Horadric cube.

  2. Socked items where the the Horadric cube previously has been used to remove all runes/gems from the item.

Is it supposed to be this way? It feels like a bug. I have experienced this in single player.

It’s irrelevant, Items have been socketed, or runes/gems have been removed with cube.
The only limit is: runewords don’t work in blue/magical, rare/yellow or gold/unique items.

Anyway, this Way for Bug Reports:

Ok! In that case it is a bug. Thanks for directing me to the bug section. I could not find it.

I have done that just recently and it worked like a charm.
Important: Needs to be grey and not blue item and the number of sockets needs to be correct for the RW.

What are the odds that this guy tried to RW a -artisans or -jewelers magic item.

100% imo