D2 Premium DLC Subscription AntiQueue

10 EUR to buy and 10 EUR /month to skip queue.
We need our premium server slots , would order few right away!

This is why microtransactions and services in a full priced game exists.

Even though they say its broken some people will pay extra cus its broken.

Long story short,
People come to the restaurant , personel bring you raw chicken and say serve yourselves and enjoy.
then there are around 50/100? people in restaurant that need to wait for a raw chicken to be cooked by the table order when they realize that its raw.
I dont believe on how blizz is managing these issues and I know for sure many more would agree that something fishy is going on. x)
But hey I’m working fella I can clearly wait another few weeks for a change, maybe on my vacation game will become playable xP

Same but there are people who really wanne give extra money for a service that was already included.

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Its called Business hahaha :smiley:

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