Dear Blizzard, please fix assassin ww

2.4 will bring a lot of changes and many bugs will finally get fixed which is great, no question.
I just wish Whirlwind would get some love as well.
WW assassin is still almost unplayable and even the barbarian´s ww still doesn´t work the way it was on legacy.
Whirlwind is one of my favourite skills of all time and it leaves me really sad that no fix is showing up on the ptr patchnotes.
I´m not much of a beggar but Blizz please take care of that…
Whirlwind is one of the most iconic skills in arpg history and it´s had been one of your greatest inventions.
Since “your ww” first came up back then it has been copied by almost any game devs of the genre.
Don´t leave it like that, it deserves your love.
Please make WW great again or at least …enjoyable.

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dmg of claws are just too low in general and ar is just generally too low.

barb is probably easy to fix but ww assa is on a different level. no matter how you buff, you definitely break pvp, as ww sin is very strong there already

I´m not refering to an ar or dmg problem… ww is bugged asf, the animation stops and teleports you to the location your ww might have ended. everytime you take a hit while whirling you stand there like paralyzed while the animation doesn´t cancel …assassin ww is almost unplayable. I glitch/bug over the maps … that really hurts.

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well that also but even without the bug it does basically no dmg in pvm

that´s actually not true, it´s just pretty gear dependent, i play chaos/fury/forti/guill/highlords/steelrend/gore or wt/soe or tg/anni/torch, max/ar/life gcs… merc pride or reapers/coh or treachery/ guill or andy… utilizing the death traps and ww makes it clear pretty okish to almost fast… it´s not that bad… but the ww bug almost makes me cry… desync 24/7, standing round like a paralyzed frozen retard just cause you use a skill isn´t my definition of “fun”

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nah what make it bareable ist just death sentry and at this point it is just a garbage trapper.
corpse explosion is just so op that it carries the build. ww itself is very weak even in the fattest gear

It is only op in 1 player. With more players you cannot do anything with it.


corpse explosion scales with monster health which makes it still op in p8. that is also the reason why necro works well in p8 and also trap assa. trap assa just gets the first kill easier compared to ww assa and also has more skills to spare to synergize or give more charges to death sentry

Are you sure? Because it hits like noodles in players 8

yes it always does dmg according to a % of monster hp
will just take you longer to kill the first one or clean up

if you go to arreat summit you will see how you wrong. dmg of corpse exposion scales only for base health 1 ppl game. if you play in 2-8 ppl game damage is the same like 1 ppl.

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yeah i noticed that as well when i was testing Chaos runeword on the PTR
holy shit its unplayable like this, you just get stuck all the time and teleport to random places.
i really hope they’ll fix that because i had planned to make a whirlwind assassin next. :<

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That bug still exists and happens very constantly on controller ww assassin. Its a shame they didn’t fix it yet. barb ww seems fine tho.

Can someone confirm if today the bug still exists? I have the base and runes to make chaos, but if wwsin still buged i dont wanna spend my resourses.
Or if there some way to prevent the bug

Please let us choose 1 skill from another class in season 6.

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