End game, easy fix

If D2R had rifts for end game i’m sure this game would be 100x more fun. One of the best features from Diablo 3.

I hope they really nail the best of both worlds in Diablo 4


And what exactly is the difference between a rift and a farming route? If you are talking about greater rifts and endless scaling content i am strictly against that. They can add more difficult content and make a more complex game but your character power should be meaningful not just increase a number to do a higher number of the same content.

The problem of grifts is that the content is quickly becoming boring and then you are stuck with a system that is pushing aside every other piece of content they ever release because they can’t compete with endless power increases and “more” loot.


Random maps, random mobs, random champions, random final boss. You don’t know what to expect. And not only that, dificult settings, ladder, competition, etc.


You mean braindead killing monsters without thinking what you can do to become more efficient. Rifts in D3 where never challenging. Powercreep is exactly something we don’t need in this game. Difficulty settings are just bigger numbers why not just start at the highest number and have a real challenge? No need for a slider to adjust. When your character is powerfull enough to clear the content you feel rewarded. Just like in current D2.
Have you ever competed in D3? It’s a joke and there is no need for Ladder of who got the best Bot to gain the most Paragon Levels in the shortest possible time. And doing higher rifts is basicly resetting Rifts until you get a real easy one (fishing) not doing the challenge you are talking about.
A real challenge would be a difficult new boss with oneshot dodge mechanics and high gearchecks.


no, what you described is current D2R.

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You are not forced to play the rifts, just like pvp is optional, you can follow your farming routs only.

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Rifts are the most booring and lazy end-game mechanic ever made in a ARPG game. Rifts being the only end-game in D3 are one of the reasons i find it booring.

In D2 you actually have to venture out and experience the actual story world to farm in end-game. 100x more fun the Rifts. I rather see them expand this a bit more and add more features like Uber bosses you occasionally can do after x amount of time actually farming in the actual game.

This is complete BS. In games where farming are the only thing to do in end-game, if one farming option are overwhelmingly more effective then another, you have no choise.

You are not forced to play the game entirely. So that’s just a bulls***t argument.
You can add new stuff like rifts but then make them less rewarding than the actual content. In that case i wouldn’t mind. And you can have your “challenge”.

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And what do you suggest? Any idea or just cry.

If you don’t want to add diferent end game, don’t play it, is simple.

Let us know how you think you add end game please.

Read the thread i gave plenty of examples

D3 was a lot better pre expansion. The game was always struggling but the expansion killed the last bit of fun there was in that game

I like how people are endlessly discussing that a game from a time when a PII 300Mhz was a gaming computer is boring 30 years later.

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Go back to play your shit D3

Well, after I tried Mosaic rw and was totally disappointed with the mechanics of that build I actually give it a try (D3). And to be absolutely honest. I finished guardian season journey in a week and enjoyed playing tal’s meteor build. Definitely had more fun this season(28) in D3 than in D2R, which is a shame as i love D2R. But the mosaic build feels like a junkie is chasing his next fix with keeping them stacks up. That type of game-play is not fun at all.

Last season I played blizz sorc and had great fun even hit 99, but this season is meh.

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