Fix "RNG" of gem shrines

Oh, man, where do I start FIX THIS STUPID GAME SO CALLED “RNG” ABOUT GEM SHRINES. I made 4 consecutive runs of act1 and from 100 shrines I got multiple shrines from each, I even got 3 of the same kind right next to each other, except gem shrines, which I found 1 out of 100.Are you serious ??? This is not RNG, THIS IS BULLSHIT. I swear to God, if this is not fixed soon I am deleting this piece of crap game and will never give blizzard another cent. It is obvious your developers do not care about people and respect their time, but you should care about customers and keeping them. I won’t event mention the other obvious problems with this game, like getting stuck in what seems to be thin air, but if gem shrines “RNG”(there is nothing random about this) is not fixed soon I am done. After all, the point of a game is to waste your time but also to have fun. There is nothing fun in running around for 30 minutes looking for a stupid gem upgrade. I really am starting to hate your company and your games.

Dude you can literally run cows on normal for flawless gems.

If this gets you winded up like that i would have loved to see you get one shot by lord seiz with the bugged spawn point😂

Gem shrines are supposed to be rare man…