Free skill assign plz

I´m running a paladin vengeance build and usual don´t play melee. but attack with left mouse button is a pain in the ass, since you pick up loot while in combat. I figured out if you place attack skill on right click. you can hold it down and you character attack next enemy´s when you drag your arrow on them. I have tryed hold down left click. It do not work the same way there. There you need to tap each target instead of just hold down the mouse key as you do on right click.

Where I´m going with this is, allow us to use auras on left button. We can still only run one aura at the time, so it won´t hurt anything. It would make melee so much more enjoyable to play.

Another option is the “auto” target happening with right button also happening with left button. I would like one of the options.


u cat have 2 auras at the same time, i suspect this is why auras are hard locked on right click

Oh. So they can just make you only being able to use one aura at the time.
I usual end up running without the aura due to the bad melee with left click. So i leave the aura and use right click, so much more enjoyable.

if you type /nopickup you won’t be able to pick up random stuff on the ground without holding down alt to get the names to pop up


Basically, get a controller when you play paladin. You remove the clunkiness of holding down standstill all the time, get your second skill slot back (actually even more).

Controller has other downsided but the gameplay on paladin will improve by 100%.

You know, they could just add a ‘move’ command to all auras when you click with them selected, since no aura has any active effect anyway and allow it on leftclick, and in case you select another aura on the other button it could simply cancel the first and revert the button back to standard attack, so you can’t cheat. Funny thing is that the controller mode already brings this in. But I suppose that’s too much effort for a company that was once regarded as the best in the industry. (long long long ago)