Game crashes to desktop after 2.7

Game crashes to desktop w\o errors.
Crashes ~30 sec after entering the world.
Crashes with any char (ladder, not ladder, new, old)
It does not crash in main menu.
Updated drivers, reinstalled diablo - 0 results.

Started after 2.7, before the patch, everything was perfect!!!

Same happening to me. Though it is inconsistent how much time after starting a game, but usually between a minute to 10 minutes. It happens to every game I start.

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same to me
plz blizzard fix it

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Found the reason, at least in my case.
Coz of the overclocked video card via afterburner. Funny part that till 2.7 it was ok.
Doesn’t change the fact that blizzard pooped again.

Habe dasselbe Problem seit 2.7. Vor 2.7. lief es ohne Probleme. “Treibertimeout”…

what is afterburner?
a new video option in the game?

You might have figured it out by now but they are referring to MSI Afterburner, it is a program for overclocking hardware.