Game Names advertising sale sites

When are you all going to do something about this? Literally 4 games were active all advertising the same sh*t website. Please pay me and I will gladly spend my time away from actual work by banning all these spammers. Common Blizzard, DO SOMETHING. I’m trying to find a game to play and all I see is multiple sale sites being advertised non-stop.

They did absolutely nothing for dupers, hackers/botters and sale sites in the original, what makes you think they do any different in D2R? They ignored hard time cheaters in D3 aswell. What makes you think Blizzard gives a damn? They dont. All you can do is ignore the people who do bad things.

It would be as easy as implementing a word filter in the looking for game menu… but let’s be realistic, this wont happen as long as Activi$ion controls this game.