Got a solution for the queue time and it's super easy!

If people could get disconnected for inactivity it would be a way to minimize those waiting in queue time. I’ve been in the game for 24hours straight and I was gone most of the night never got DC. That is a big part of the problem with the queue, DC people after 30mins of inactivity please, others want to play too! Or get new servers!

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the game is already crashing every 30-45 minutes. ^^’


Good idea, but I assume that impact of idlers on the server workload is negligible.

Crash and queue,FU.

Position in queue 353 …

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same… First, que in the morning for over 1h and now crash and que up again at #429. On top of that, que is not moving.

Watch this this is the creator of D1 and D2

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To implement a server queue without any way to auto-kick inactive players from the server is a joke. It’s about the dumbest mistake you could possibly make, and shows just what kind of company Blizzard has become.

They are trying to figure out the server code wich was made 20y ago its no use having a auto kick when server can’t figure out connections to games.

My game haven’t crashed for almost a week. You guys still often get ceashes ?

Most people carsh when playing/joining other players if you play single player or online single player there are almost no issues.

That is what i think.

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I play bnet, strange. I thought the fixes are kicking in for everyone. It’s a pity

“the game is already crashing every 30-45 minutes. ^^’”

Yes… For active users, so they have to wait in queue again while inactive just use spots up.

The auto-kick is simply to keep the queue moving and has nothing to do with fixing the servers or connections. Have you not noticed the queue only rarely moves? This is because people just sit in the game ALL DAY once they are in, so they don’t have to queue later.

On the workload probably, but that’s irrelevant here, what matters is if they take up a spot on the server or not. if there are 300 people in queue and 300 people have been AFK for the past hour the queue would vanish if all AFK:ers were kicked.

If the issue that the servers are full then im pretty shure they would already booted up more.

I guess you just don’t understand. So I’ll bail now.

It must be some kind of capacity issue however, or the queues would not make sense. Maybe there are seperate Login-Servers, which are overloaded. In that case, kicking players for inactivity would accomplish nothing.

Edit: Blizzard gave some background information on what is causing the problems: Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

Agree with that if queue logic simply counts players online, then in that case kicking idlers could make queue a bit shorter. But who knows.