Got bis on all chars now what

I’ve finally got bis gear on all classes, bis gear accoring to sites like icyviens and wowhead. Spent a while doing it but now I’m stuck and wondering what do I do now. My goal of magic finding was to get bis.
I feel theres no point anymore spamming baal or council runs and all that.

I feel like I’ve completed the game, I find myself just helping rush people through act1-5 on all difficulties to pass the time but even thats boring now.

Anyone else feel this way? If you have all bis gear on all classes what do you do and still find fun to do?

Maybe you should stick to ladder seasons, there you have a fresh start every now and then.

Maybe you should go and touch some grass over humble bragging over a 23 year old game

Kind of stupid question, you having bis gear (if not a troll) would indicate that you know what the game is about. Wait for ladder reset - then repeat