Here we go again with the rubberbanding lagg

Why is this happening again!? pls blizzard fix this! EU servers are unplayable atm


rubberbanding + for the last week “an issue occured while communicating with the game servers” error… Never used to happen until these latest server maintanences…


And yet another fantastic beginning this evening… What is causing this rubberbanding?! It’s unplayable.


same again… wtf ist this shit? i cant play while it´s lagging so hard. and a new “feature” since this rubberbanding thing. the message: creating a game and it never ends


Same here (Europe) every day… unplayable… Improve the servers Blizzard pls… Common problem, shame.


They dont even read our posts… They have no clue about this problem


The fact that the recent topic (4 days ago) was never answered by Blizzard shows that they don’t care anymore. I am disappointed in Blizzard. It’s not like these forums are overrun by topics.

Perhaps we are the last 10 players left in the EU that play D2…


Diablo 2 resurrected so unplayable. PLS fix it asap


First time ever leave a msg on this forum…
Please fix this asap!
It would be much appreciate.

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yeah no answer or bluepost that they are working on it -.-

I can’t get away from the waypoint!

Temporary fix: switch to America server in Game runs fine.

this is getting ridiculous, especially with no answers from blizz

Meaby spam blizzard fanpages facebooks etc ?

this company is kinda joke …

its fixed now ? no lagg for me atm in EU

We can’t even play the game anymore. And now America starts complaining too because EU joins their servers.

Rubberbanding is unplayable :frowning:

yes started for me again

Tryed to play this evening, but this massive rubberbanding/lags are insane :((

What the hell is going on? technical issues are acceptable from time to time, but for the past 2 weeks the EU is failing players over and over again. BLIZZARD YOU BASTARD - REPLY TO US WHAT’S GOIN ON!

I hope that your stock will plummet, cause I will short it with a smile on my face (94$ dollars is wWAY TO MUCH; not financial advice though)