IAS for WhirlWind ( Barb)

hello, there was a change with the IAS on WW @ Barbar

in past only weapon ias was important.

But now it seems that all ias will count to attakspeed while WW

is there any calculator or Tabel from Blizzard to check this?

warrens calc on github… says 63 ias for max Frames at BA weaponias dont mather

but if i use 2 weapon, the calc ask for the weapon ias.

for example i use 2 botd 60 ias per weapon, and the calc tell i need 3 extra ias.

I think with two weapon the ias in weapon only count for weapon and wont added together for toatl ias.

so the ias only count in the weapon weher it is, and is added to the total ias from items 2x 60 ias in weapon is not enough tho reach the needed 63 ias, you need 3 ias out of items because 60weapon + 60weapon + 3 ias = 63 ias.

so you need highlords or a jewel to reach the cab…

Thats so annoying, i restarted after 20 years, build my lvl 95 barb in two weeks, and its useless untill i know how to equip it the best way…