I'd pay $100 or more for a D2R expansion pack

Please Blizzard, take my money. Get the crew who remastered D2R to design a new act or add quests to Act 4, in addition to new uniques and QOL changes. I’d happily pay $100 or more for something like this. No need for cinematics either, nobody cares about those. Focus resources on what matters - the gameplay.

I mean, can Blizzard set up a poll on the Battle.net game launcher to see how many people would like an expansion pack to D2R or if they’d be willing to pay for an expansion pack? I’m sure you’d find that most people would happily pay to get more out of this game.


Please add:

  • Solo Self Found
  • /players X to this mode
  • Holy Grail System with “Add item to trophy wall”. Add info text to item:“Dropped on date from <monster/misc name>”
  • Horadric cube placed from inventory to body items screen
  • add extra charms zone
  • add self replanish to foliant of town portal and identify
  • stacking of gems or add gem bag
  • re-arrange WP, Start point, NPC to be more closer to each in Act 5, Act 2 and Act 3. Maybe add Town Selection option before creating new game.
  • add ingame overview for crafting receipes.
  • add item level to item stats
  • some uniques should be changed as mentioned for example by mrllamasc: Tyraels might +1 to teleport etc.
  • buff phys dmg for example BowAZons like it was in <1.10 as monter life increased
  • make uber diablo spawn in Solo Self found mode without selling SOJ’s, maybe by selling 20 elite uniques
  • teleport in town and when shape shifted
  • add some socket cubing receives for magic and rare items. Would like to see elite rare armor with 4 open sockets.
  • mercenarys with full items (belts, rings etc.).
  • throwing weapons can have sockets.
  • rune stacking
  • separate runeword creating window. Add base item then choose runeword from Selection screen with preview.
  • add unique bolts and arrows with self replanish item stat.
  • full stamina bar = full defense while running.
  • show inventory and stash while in character selection screen to have a look on items without creating a game
  • automatic respawn merc after player died with no costs.
  • add merc-charms as new item.
  • add Skills to merc-charms like find items, etc.
  • add possibilety to mark items with “trade for amount _ item name” (+Add Next). Move item to extra trading page. Players can see in lobby this page and do trading it.
  • add monster level to monster info bar or add TC to area name.
  • do not clear merc when hiering another one. Lets choose from act 1 to act 5. I want to equip act 1 merc and act 2 merc without loosing items when switching them.
  • act 1 merc should equip ama bows and crossbows, too.
  • add ladder to offline mode.

for skill changes and re-balancing: no idea at all.

As you mentioned: I think the acts and levels are still perfect and no new act is needed.


and remove teleport from the game ^^


You are delusional X-)
Just go to PoE…
Blizzard bought D2R to grab our money! They wouldn’t fund that without knowing it would bring good money for almost no cost :wink:
We are actually lucky Blizzard didn’t make D2R! Look at W3R ^^’ Blizzard made it…
Vicarious Vision made a huge work, still not an expansion of the game, just a graphic layer…
If you wanna D2 with better content you could try Path of Diablo or MedianXL :wink:
It’s a shame Blizzard killed Vicarious Vision after what they achieved! I would have loved to see VV working on PoD and MXL…

  • Cap max resistance in pvp at 80
  • Cap % absorb in pvp at 20

Me too. But only if the right ppl will develop it.
If the same ppl gonna do that job, who thought D4 is what DIABLO players want… hell no. Pls dont touch D2R.

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New patches and metas - yes.

A whole expansions pack - no.

Leave Diablo 2’s bones alone. It would be adding a neon head to a classical piece. The ending of LOD was a proper way to finish D2’s story. A few quality of life improvements would be nice, but no expansions.

Another addon would be great, although i would even appreciate a cosmetic ingame shop which funds regular content: qol improvements, new runewords and balance patches to give more viable builds for all classes and skill trees regarding end game content.
Also new areas and additional modes like TZ on existing areas and stuff like that.

I just need a way to handover cash for content blizzard at this point please give us an option. D4 sucks so hard on so many levels i closed the game during the beta test weekend and played D2R again. Im ok with not getting new actually exciting diablo games, but please gimme some new stuff for D2R guys - D2R is such an awesome game, im thankful and happy with this.

Please continue the great content patches from the first seasons: TZ + Sunders have been awesome, new runewords cool, mosaic is also great since it enables another high power end game class, the sin was so far not able to compete with the p8 classes: ama pala sorc. Now another class is in there, just need to get the other classes close to that.

Add some new, challenging areas/monsters/modes and you will have a happy player base who just keeps spending cash into this game.

They have tons of issues to fix but now under the MS deal I doubt they would. Most staff would be dedicated to the acquisition and then on synergies and profitability boosters.

Holy Grail System
– mmm i’d love to <3<3<3

Some Archivements would be cool.
New Areas
New Runewords << (ask the com for examples)
there is soo much potential but blizzard doesnt hear its Community

I feel the same way people. But I think today’s Blizzard wouldn’t be able to do that with a new act that integrates seamlessly. It is what it is, it’s a shame.

Imagine being such a tool not to understand the game is just graphically upgraded version of the original game. It already has the expansion included, be happy you didnt have to buy that separatedly. D2R wasnt even very good upgrade, I still rather play the original.

Will never happen. Why? Because if people would realize that a game from decades ago made by an entirely different dev team is better than current and coming games they’d sign their own death sentence as a company.

A few fixes and additions and D2R would be better than anything in the Blizzard launcher. Can’t happen.

That’s why they don’t or only half-assedly deal with bots and give only meaningless breadcrumb changes, to give people the impression that the game sucks and D4 and other games must be better.

They know that the current ladder system is trash and has been trash ever since it’s inception in 2000, there is no skill in being an unemployed parasite who plays 18 hrs a day. They know the massive bot problem and they would know how to deal with it efficiently. They know that JSP kills any ambitions towards playing the game online (ladder). They know what game mechanics would need change to up the game to 2023.

You are being treated as an idiot customer.

notbody knows how to do that any more

bro just go play d3… ur list is legit just d3 in d2 form… swap to d3 and u are happy

Another expension was planned tho right?

;D you made my day, verry good joke.