Looking for reset Group for Season 2

Hi, my name is Stefan, and I’m from Germany. I’m looking for a group for the ladder start on Oct 06th.
I’m not a professional D2 player, but I think I’m not bad and can handle my sorc :slight_smile:
I would prefer a German-speaking group, but English is also okay for me.
As I mentioned, I would start as a Sorc. First fireball, then into Hydra/Orb and later switching to Blizz.
But for leveling, I can also play another build if needed.

In Europe, the Ladder starts at 02 am, so I’d like to be done with hell baal before the early morning because I have a little baby daughter who will be awake then.
But I’m not sure if this is possible, in that case I could play longer. Thanks to my wife :slight_smile:

If anyone has need for another sorc feel free to contact me.

Yo! Стигматари#2235 . We can try to play)

Thanks, but i’ve found already a reset team. Good luck for the new ladder.