New secret level discovered

If you save all the barbarians from Bloody foothills and let them kill Shenk overseer (you should not do any damage to him or his minions), a red portal to Amazon town opens.
Didn’t check it yet, but some my friends confirmed this works.
Have you already tried that?



Yes! It works! Amazing, wow!

there is no cow level

So, how’s the fishing today?

is this really true?

Probably not, so don’t waste your time.
If it were true, you could find a video on youtube.

Why does this post from year 2021 suddenly pops with it’s all false infomation. If i wanted false infomation i had just open the news channel.
Anyway… To change the topic, how about these business men stop thinking they are game developers and actually hired “GAMERS” to develop a actually “GAME”… Damn… Sry… It was just wishfull thinking. We never get a game like Diablo II again… business men will always be business men…

i found the High Rune Tree