O: Sacred Rondache +44 All Res (SOLD)

N: Vex

or similar worth (0.5HR)

DO I UNDERSTAND CORRECT you want vex for 4 socket rondache?
Or doesnt it even have sockets?

You should give yourself a pat on the back on being able to understand a simple statement.

Given your obvious lack of communication skills as evident by your sentence phrasing and poor grammar… you did pretty ok.

And you say my comm skills are bad stomme klootzak

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Flagged as Harassment.

Now you can pat yourself on the back big boy.

It´s not much more worth than … 0.5-0.7 “AMN” Runes!
It isnt perf and have no 4 Sock!

Needs to be Eth and Targe dude :wink:

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Thanks everyone for your concerns.

Sold it for Gul+Ist (0.45)

to happybedtime#1443

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